Drama Online Content

Due to the COVID 19 outbreak in the UK, we are posting Online Content to ensure your homes can still be filled with Drama activities. 

See some of our activities below: 

- Practitioner Techniques 

- Voice, Characterisation and Improvisation Techniques 

- Makaton Signing

- Dance Challenges


Stanislavski Techniques

This week we explore naturalistic techniques from the theatre practitioner Stanislavski.   

Learn how he creates realistic characters on stage. 

Have a go at home and share with your family and friends to see who is the best in your household. 

Brecht Techniques

This weeks session is another practitioner session. 

Last week we looked at the naturalistic techniques of Stanislavski. 

This week we look at Brecht and how his non-naturalistic style can be presented on stage.

We look forward to seeing your different characters.

Performance Techniques

Vocal Skills Activity

This week we have a lesson from Ellie on vocal skills. 

We are looking at how vocal skills express emotion and how to use our voices properly. 

Characterisation Activity

This week we have a lesson from Ellie on characterisation.

We are looking at how characters show different emotions and there is a fun game for you to try with your families to see if they can guess your characters emotion.   

Ellie has had a go at creating her own emotions - take a look at the pictures below and see if you can guess the emotion you think she is showing.

Improvisation Activity

So we are all stuck in quarantine! But that doesn’t mean that the drama has to stop! Here is a task for you to try with your family.

Script is below (Improvisation Script) 

Makaton Signing

Hot 'N' Cold

Makaton sign language is becoming more and more popular. It is crucial that we can all communicate with each other regardless of our needs or abilities.   

Ellie has taught you how to introduce yourself and how to sign the chorus to Hot ‘N’ Cold by Katy Perry. 

Please have a go at this as it something lovely for you to learn with family and friends during this time!   The alphabet is attached below. 

VE Day

A little bit of Makaton signing for you to try at home as part of your VE Day Celebrations!

Why not try and have a go at home? 

Easter Dance Challenge

Dance Number 1

This dance was created by the lovely Tallulah! 

She was one of our first members at Time 2 Shine and is great at supporting everyone during our classes. She is a fantastic dancer and performer so let’s get learning these dances. If you are finding it hard Tallulah has created a great tutorial so please get in touch if you would like that. 

Dance Number 2

This dance was created by the lovely Megan Kerrigan! She has toured with Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance and is currently a Personal Trainer at Tri Wellness and provides specialised Irish Dancing programmes. 

Check out her page https://www.movewithmeg.co.uk